Christ Church Clinton

                      Episcopal Church - Clinton, Md

Welcome to Christ Church!

Christ Church invites all to join us in seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, study and service. Our goal is to spread the Good News, using our diverse gifts, our facilities and resources, to the advancement of God's kingdom.

Our vision for Christ Church is a vibrant church actively ministering to one another and to the broader community. We envision a diverse and growing membership engaged in continuing development of their spiritual life.

Worship Schedule:

Sunday Worship
9 AM  - Holy Eucharist
(First Sunday of  every    month, Healing Sunday)
Holy Week and Easter Services

Holy Thursday
April 17th, 7pm
Service Bulletin

Good Friday

April 18th, 12 - 3pm
Service Bulletin

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunrise Service,
6 am
In Fellowship Grove
Service Bulletin

Easter Celebration
9 am
Service Bulletin

Sunday School for children and young adults.

Coffee hour after each service.

Wednesdays: 12 noon - Service of Healing followed by Bible Study.


Christ Church Thrift Shop

Apr 5th  9 am -1 pm
Apr 19th 9 am -1 pm

  Food Pantry

       Apr 19th
  9  am - 11 am

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Christ Church is handicap accessible.

Grandparent's Day at Christ Church
                                                      Day Table


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